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We believe in network! We work together with passion, respect and humility to achieve our goal to develop an engineering network contributes to diversity, inclusion and sustainability for our society.

Diversity and inclusion

Our network contributes to a multicultural society based on diversity and includes all members of society, regardless of their backgrounds.

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Sustainability and Passion

We have passion to create a growing network that contributes to a sustainable development of our society.

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Respect and Humility

We are humbled and respect all people regardless of their backgrounds.

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Engineer Guide

Meetings between established and newly arrived engineers aim to make easier ways to integration in Sweden.

Meet our volunteer coordinators Essan Ijadi and Anisa Zigaf,  project oriented engineers with passion for sustainable urban development. Learn more


Professional network

A professional online network on social media provides more opportunities to all.

Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to be a part of our virtual network.

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Distance activities

Seminaries, webinars and workshops will be streamed online in order to reach our members everywhere in Sweden.

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Sharing knowledge

We all share our knowledge with all members so we can grow and learn together.

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Are you interested in joining our network, want to know more about SWENCL,  willing to collaborate with us? Please contact us using this form or an email to: swencl@outlook.com
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